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Tipper needs a hero. If there was a picture next to the word defeated in the dictionary, it would be Tipper's shelter picture. She had just given up and to make matters worse She is heart worm positive, as if she didn't have enough problems. I have had her for 5-6 weeks and she has learned that the dark isn't so scary, bacon is yummy, duck jerky is better, and people and other dogs can be ok. She still is mainly a loner and will lay in her cage, cowers if you move too fast or there is a loud noise. She tolerates being petted and hugged but would prefer not to be. She hates bath time, but loves how it makes her feel afterwards (she will never admit it though). She has learned that I can get bored on rainy days and she will be dressed up for pictures, though she never looks pleased, she does wag her tail and let me do it. She is cage trained, house broken and I have heard her bark once at a pet food commercial that was on TV. Tipper has been spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. Please email us at if you can be the hero Tipper needs!

Would you like to help us save lives by fostering a pet like Tipper? Read more about becoming a Rockwall Pets foster family. Fill out our foster application. Or send us an e-mail and let us know the type of foster family you'd like to be!

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