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How can you help save pets without leaving home? Become a foster family!

Rockwall Foster Families No Kill Texas CommunityWe need temporary homes for pets who need to get out of North Texas shelters. You can raise very young kittens and puppies until they're old enough for adoption. You can help sick or injured pets rehabilitate until they're ready to find a home. And you can provide a loving environment to healthy pets until they're adopted.

As a Rockwall Pets foster family, you'll be saving precious lives in the comfort of your own home. And you'll be playing an important role in making North Texas No Kill. After all, the more fosters we have, the more lives we can save.

Get started today! Read more about becoming a Rockwall Pets foster family. PDF Document Fill out our foster application. Or send us an e-mail and let us know the type of foster family you'd like to be!


Testimonial from A.C.:

"I know what you're thinking: "I could never foster, it's too hard and time-consuming. I'll get too attached and never be able to let them go."

Am I close? Well that's at least what I thought, before I started. I would NEVER be able to foster. And then I sort of fell into it "accidentally." I couldn't believe what I had done! That was three years, and 85 fosters ago!

I can't fully explain how rewarding it is to save these lives and give them a safe place to feel at home for a little while. My husband & kids became just as passionate about helping them as I was. Its truly a family affair in our house. We especially got excited when we brought an extremely scared and traumatized dog home. We named her Brooklyn. Seeing her slowly come out of her shell once she was shown some love and affection, was truly fulfilling.

Fostering is not hard. It's not hard to open up a space on the couch or bed for a little life who needs you! It's fun, interesting and builds character and wisdom. Rockwall Pets has such a strong network of support--you'll never feel alone or lost! I have made some great friends by being a part of a common goal-saving as many lives as we can!

What about letting them go, you ask? Sometimes it hurts, I won't lie. There was one little dog who I was especially fond of, early on. Her name was Darcy. I cried when she was adopted, but only for a minute. I knew her family was going to spoil her with affection and she'd never be cold or lonely again. I felt proud and happy, too. I gave her a kiss, thanked her adopters, and moved on to the next life that needed saving. And this process gets much easier with time, I promise!

Occasionally, we fosters "fail" and end up adopting one of our fosters. I was happy to "fail" with our beloved dog, Sandy! She fit into our family perfectly and after a couple of weeks, I had no doubt that she would stay with us forever.

Please take a moment to fill out our foster application. In doing so, you'll be taking that first step to saving a life!! I know you'll never regret it.

I never will."